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PURE Contract Volumes 3 pager (127kb)

PURE Contract Volumes Attachment, 3 page document.

PURE Contract Volumes 2 pager (111kb)

PURE Member Contract Volumes Attachment, 2-page document

PURE Terminal Outage and Allocation Report 2015 (89kb)

The PURE Terminal Outage and Allocation Report beginning in January 2015.

Pure_Oil_Affinity_Apparel_Orders.pdf (377kb)

PURE members can now order uniforms and apparel from Affinity Apparel, the official vendor of these products and services for the Cooperative.

Pure_Oil_Affinity_Apparel_Brochure.pdf (652kb)

PURE members can review all of the products and services available in the Affinity Apparel brochure.

Accredited_Investor_Questionnaire.doc (53kb)

As an accredited investor, PURE members recognize this as an SEC Model Accredited Investor Exemption (MAIE) offering.

Unit_Offering__4-13-11__Clean_.pdf (3208kb)

PURE Preferred Share Offering at $5,000 per unit, by volume category.

PURE Retail Branding Marketer and PURE Agreement (56kb)

Request for PURE Branded Retail Outlet and subsequent agreement between Marketer and a Representative of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative.

PURE Retail Branding Marketer and Dealer Agreement (57kb)

Form requesting a PURE Branded retail outlet and subsequent agreement between marketer and dealer.

PURE Insurance Notice (549kb)

Document from the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative requesting the certificates of insurance and related information from Members of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc.