Co-op Officers


Stephanie Hinton

Past President
Jim Hinton Oil Company, Inc.

Stephanie Hinton of Jim Hinton Oil Company, Inc. in Valdosta, Georgia and Live Oak, Florida, is the 2018 President of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative. Stephanie was elected to the PURE Co-op Board of Directors in November of 2010, to represent the members in District 4. Prior to becoming President of the PURE Co-op in 2018, Stephanie served two years as an officer on the Board, including a year as Secretary in 2016, and as Vice President in 2017. Stephanie becomes the first female President of the PURE Co-op during the year in which the organization celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

Contact Info

Phone: 229-242-1800

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 38
Valdosta, GA 31603