Federated Briefs PURE Members on Cyber Shield Services

April 19, 2019

During the Annual Stockholders Meeting in Mobile on March 24-25, Federated Insurance served as a Corporate Sponsor, while also providing valuable information for clients during a Breakfast Meeting prior to the Annual Meeting.

D.J.Hanlin, Account Executive for Association Risk Management Services with Federated, provided a presentation on Cyber Shield SM – Protection Against Cyber and Privacy Exposures. Hanlin covered topics related to data breaches, noting that cases of theft, loss, or mistaken release of private information, are on the rise.

Data breaches and related cyber security issues is not a problem impacting just big businesses. Identity theft is a growing problem for small and mid-sized businesses as well, primarily because these companies have fewer data security resources. That’s where Federated’s Cyber Shield services can help.

Hanlin’s presentation offered data breach prevention tips and ways PURE Members can minimize their risk of becoming a victim of costly and time-consuming cybercrime.

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