Member service awards highlight significant milestones for select PURE members

Dec 12, 2008


One of the highlights of the annual stockholders meeting of the PURE Co-op is the presentation of the Member Service Awards for those jobbers who are celebrating anniversaries that mark milestones in their membership. ?image4 With the PURE Co-op celebrating its 15th anniversary this past year, having been founded as the Southeastern Oil Jobbers Cooperative in 1993, those companies receiving the 15-Year Member Service Award are in essence the founding fathers. Those members celebrating...
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Help Wanted!

Dec 05, 2008


If you want to learn more about the inner workings of the PURE Co-op, and make a valuable contribution to the organization as well, consider volunteering to serve on a committee. The PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. has several standing committees. Each is comprised of a committee chair, who serves on the Co-op Board, as well as committee members who may come from the Board or general membership. Committee assignments also try to reflect representation from each of the Co-op’s five reg...
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More than 100 members turn out for annual shareholders meeting

Nov 17, 2008


More than 100 petroleum marketers and their families took part in the yearend annual shareholders meeting of PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative in Savannah on Nov. 14-15, 2008. While the industry faced challenging economic times this past year, that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the PURE Oil Jobbers, or the announced plans of the Co-op Board to expand membership beyond the original 10-state Southeastern region. In fact, the annual stockholders meeting included a welcome for the five new comp...
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Strong leadership on 2008 Board garners successful year for PURE Co-op

Nov 10, 2008


While 2008 featured some tough economic times and volatile industry pricing and supply conditions, the Board of Directors of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative provided great leadership nonetheless, evident in its ability to secure another profitable year while maintain and expanding membership, albeit limited. In short, some growth was better than none at all. The leadership of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative is determined by the equally vested voting interest of members, who elect a boar...
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PURE Co-op launches revised Web site

Oct 30, 2008


On October 29, 2008, the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative launched its new Web site www.besurewithpure.com with the help of the award-winning designers at Plexus Web Creations in Athens, Georgia. The primary objective of the Web site was to create an updated online presence for the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. In addition, the Web site is intended to help the Co-op communicate its message to targeted audiences online, while introducing another level of functionality to marketing effor...
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PURE Oil Jobbers annual stockholders meeting to conclude 15th anniversary of the Co-op

Sep 02, 2008


(Rock Hill, SC) As this year marks the 15th anniversary of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, the annual stockholders’ meeting is the perfect occasion to commemorate this historical event. The year-end business and planning meeting will be held Nov. 14-16, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency in Savannah, Georgia. All PURE Co-op members are invited to attend, and even though this is perhaps the most anticipated business meeting of the year, the weekend will provide plenty of opportunities for fell...
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PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative continues expansion outside of the Southeastern region

Aug 11, 2008


(Rock Hill, SC) For one of the newest members of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc., joining this petroleum marketers group is like coming back to the beginning of the company’s founding. Taylor Oil Company, Inc. in Salisbury, Maryland announced earlier this summer it was joining the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, taking on the independent petroleum brand that it initially distributed in 1927, when the company was founded. Taylor marketed and distributed PURE Oil products until chan...
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History of PURE includes 15th Anniversary of the Cooperative

May 19, 2008


(Rock Hill, SC) While the “Be Sure With PURE” tagline rings clearly with the approximately 340 members of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc., the organization might also add: “celebrating a brand that has come full circle.” The origin of the PURE Oil Company dates back to 1914, with the founding of the Ohio Cities Gas Company. Six years later, the company name changed to PURE Oil, and by 1926, it had moved to Chicago to establish its headquarters. From these offices in the Windy Cit...
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PURE Co-op recognizes tenures and service of two special leaders

Apr 25, 2008


(Rock Hill, SC) The success of organizations is invariably tied to the service and dedication of special persons in roles of leadership. Two such individuals have served the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative well, leaving an indelible mark on Co-op success following their tenures. Jerry Carter, with more than 50 years of work experience in the industry, brought unmatched knowledge and expertise to his Co-op customers during his 11 years as a district sales manager. The Co-op Board of Direct...
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PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative selects officers, welcomes new board members for 2008

Apr 04, 2008


(Rock Hill, SC) With a cooperative spirit to provide leadership for their fellow 340 oil jobbers and petroleum marketers, the 15 members of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. Board of Directors selected their officers and welcomed new board members at their first meeting of the year, held recently in Atlanta, Georgia. The four members selected to lead the Co-op in 2008 are Frank McNeill, Jr. as President, Tim Allen as Vice President, Davis Cosey as Secretary, and Larry Jones as Treas...
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