PURE Co-op launches revised Web site

Web address reminds members and prospects to "besurewithpure"

The PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative can be found online at www.besurewithpure.com.

The PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative can be found online at www.besurewithpure.com.

On October 29, 2008, the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative launched its new Web site www.besurewithpure.com with the help of the award-winning designers at Plexus Web Creations in Athens, Georgia.

The primary objective of the Web site was to create an updated online presence for the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. In addition, the Web site is intended to help the Co-op communicate its message to targeted audiences online, while introducing another level of functionality to marketing efforts.

The dynamic content features of the revamped PURE Co-op Web site include: staff and board member profiles, photo galleries, news events, and a secured documents section that will only be accessible by Co-op members. This information is updated continually by the Co-op through the Site Manager, providing flexibility for the Co-op to continually disseminate timely and relevant public information.

The static content site pages include information on the History of the Co-op, its Leadership, its organizational structure of membership, committees, and benefits, the value of the PRUE brand and Firebird trademark, the Marketing programs and business services offered by the Co-op, and more. Design elements, graphics, images and text have been purposefully selected to both enhance the site visually and provide a proper search engine friendly foundation for the site.

Through XHTML conversion, the Web site design team validated and tested all code in all browsers and platforms, to ensure all users can access the site, regardless of what browser and kind of computer they are using (including portables, such as hand held devises, phones, etc.).

Additionally, search engines will be able to properly index the site to optimize its rankings and ensure compliance with Section 508 Accessibility Requirements, which means those who use screen readers or non-mouse methods of navigation should have as equally pleasant and successful an experience as non-disabled users.

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