A PURE History

Growing into the PURE Co-op

When the SOJC changed its name to the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, it did so to reflect the organization’s desire to grow its membership outside of the original 10-state Southeastern region. In addition, the regional name of the Co-op didn’t adequately reflect one of the strongest national petroleum brands in the history of the industry. Thus, the “PURE” brand became the focal point of the organization’s corporate identity.

At the time of negotiations between the Co-op and Unocal over ownership of the PURE brand name, Unocal commissioned a study to obtain an indication of the public’s awareness of the brand name. Those results revealed that 54 percent of respondents were familiar with PURE, proving the brand had remarkable equity, even though it had been dormant several decades.

Today, the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. has approximately 340 members operating within its 10 original Southeastern states, with future growth of the Co-op membership – and the PURE petroleum brand – anticipated within this region and beyond.

Note: sources for this history of PURE include the Encyclopedia of Chicago and The Journal of Petroleum Marketing.