The PURE Co-op

The Co-op Benefits

Membership is Ownership

Members of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. join the petroleum marketers group by purchasing one share of stock, and by paying a flat initiation fee and Co-op fee of 1/10 of 1 cent per gallon purchased. This investment entitles a member to equal ownership in the Co-op, as each member can only own one share of stock, so influence in the PURE Co-op is divided equally among all members. All members of the PURE Co-op have a voice in its operation and a vested interest in its success.

Strength in Numbers

Rather than face the challenges of business decisions alone, members of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. are united with their fellow Co-op members to obtain strength in numbers when making decisions on matters such as obtaining supply, branding products, determining image for retail operations, and more. Through involvement in the Co-op, individual members obtain more purchasing and operating leverage in virtually all of their marketing and management decisions.

Direct, secured Supply

As market conditions change, the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative continues to provide consistent, competitive petroleum products for its members from contractually secured suppliers. This security provided to Co-op members helps to reduce uncertainty concerning one of the most critical objectives for a petroleum marketer – obtaining a guaranteed supply of competitive petroleum products for retail distribution. Contract volumes can be increased once per month and decreased once per year, with approval, providing ample operations flexibility for each individual member. When members enter into agreements for contract volumes through the Co-op, suppliers invoice them directly. To access the TransMontaigne Portal, please click here.

Independent Brands

One of the greatest benefits of the PURE Oil Jobbers Cooperative, Inc. is the strength of its PURE petroleum brand. The brand equity in PURE is unmatched, at least among independent petroleum marketers, as the PURE label has a history that dates back almost 100 years. It's a brand that offers flexibility for Co-op members, who can make their own decisions regarding imaging and marketing of retail sites, yet do so with a brand name that has the equity and history like that of a major oil company. In cases where PURE petroleum marketers may have more than one outlet within the same market, the Co-op offers a secondary SOJO petroleum brand designed to co-exist alongside another PURE outlet, or other private brands, if and when necessary.

Growth and Profitability

One of the primary goals of the PURE Co-op is to grow its membership, increase its market presence, and provide an increasingly profitable and positive return on each member's investment. As a result of investing in the Co-op, members can earn rebates if they pull 85 percent of their contract volumes. In addition, members in good standing earn annual dividends at the end of each calendar year. After the Co-op built its membership to the point of being able to offer dividends in 1996, it has provided them to members each year since.